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A gentle but firm reminder for new contributors: word limits
  1. I B Pless, Editor

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    An old childrearing adage is that new lessons must be repeated thrice before they are accepted. Several issues back a 3000 word limit for original articles was announced and this now appears on our web site and in “instructions to authors”. Nevertheless, we continue to receive many papers that far exceed that limit. This usually results in much extra work for everyone, including our devoted reviewers, and often in considerable delays in processing papers. Contributors are urged to adhere to this stipulation, and to note that for brief reports the limit is 1500 words. All of this is part of our attempt to be able to publish a higher proportion of the worthy papers submitted. In the last year, the number we have received has nearly doubled and the rate continues to increase each week. On another note, we request that contributors submit papers by e-mail if possible. A copy on disk or by e-mail will always be required for papers that are being published, but having an e-mail copy from the outset may shorten the review process . . . and save on postage!