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Injury and violence: a public health perspective
  1. Ian Rockett
  1. Exercise Science/Community Health Research Group, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Suite 309, Conference Center Building, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4133, USA Tel: +1 865 974 4511, fax: +1 865 974 4521 e-mail:

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    Editor,—Your editorial in the June 1999 issue of Injury Prevention contained a brief review of my Population Bulletin entitled Injury and Violence: A Public Health Perspective.1 In general, the comments were extremely positive, for which I am most grateful. But I am puzzled by the charge that the bulletin dwells on the mechanics of injury control at the expense of the “public health...spirit”.

    My target audience comprises two main groups. The first is students in the population sciences, medicine, and public and allied health. The second group is public health professionals who are unfamiliar with the field of injury control. While I readily concede that …

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