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Leon S Robertson, PhD, was a lecturer in epidemiology and public health at Yale University for 20 yeas before retirement in 1998. He previously served on the faculties of Harvard University Medical School and Wake Forest University and as senior behavioral scientist in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. He has coauthored six books and authored two: Injuries: Causes, Control Strategies and Public Policy (1983) and Injury Epidemiology (1992, second edition 1998). He has contributed more than 140 articles and chapters to the scientific literature. Dr Robertson was a member of the National Research Council (NRC)/Institute of Medicine committee on trauma research that produced the report Injury in America: A Continuing Public Health Problem and was vice chair of the NRC committee that reviewed the injury control program of the Centers for Disease Control. He also served on the NRC panel on occupational safety and health statistics and chaired the special interest group on injury control and emergency health services of the American Public Health Association. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Career Award from the association.