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Other less easily preventable “accidents”: earthquakes
  1. I B Pless, Editor

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    The thoughts and sympathies of journal staff also extend to those in Turkey, Taiwan, and Greece where recent earthquakes have resulted in many deaths and serious injuries. It is easy to concede that earthquakes, like being struck by lightning, are good examples of genuine “accidents” in the narrow sense.

    Nevertheless, from the reports I read it may be that even in the case of earthquakes the consequences need not have been as severe. The very fact that homes in the less affluent sections of the areas involved in the three countries were the most badly damaged, suggests that more stringent construction codes are needed or should have been more rigidly enforced.

    One wonders too about the adequacy of tertiary prevention measures and preparedness in such situations. No one can prevent an earthquake; much more can be done to diminish its consequences.