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Injury Prevention and Public Health: Practical Knowledge, Skills, and Strategies.
  1. Bernard Guyer
  1. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA

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    Tom Christoffel and Susan Scavo Gallagher. (Pp 402; $US 50.00.) Aspen Publishers, Gaitherburg, Maryland, 1999. ISBN 0-8342-840-7.

    Christoffel and Gallagher have written this new book for a very specific audience—practitioners of injury prevention, particularly those working in public health agencies at the state and local levels. The content and style draw on the enormous experience of the two authors as practitioners and scholars in the field of injury. The work updates and advances the approach taken by the National Committee on Injury Prevention and Control in its “blue book,” Injury Prevention: Meeting the Challenge (1989). The volume would be highly effective as an introductory text for teaching public health students in the classroom and for orienting new public health agency …

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    • Another review of this book will appear in a later issue.