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Effective immediately Injury Prevention expands to all age groups
  1. I B Pless, Editor

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    For much of the past year, the editors have struggled trying to decide whether we should broaden the scope of the journal beyond children and adolescents. We have now elected to do so. Henceforth, effective immediately, our focus will include the prevention of injuries among adults as well as children. We also intend to publish more papers on safety promotion and the epidemiology of injury provided they have a direct bearing on prevention.

    This decision was reached after much discussion and reflection. As a paediatrician, I was originally strongly biased toward retaining our original position. As a scientist, however, it is difficult to resist the conclusion that many of the most effective preventive measures, such as speed reduction, product safety, or smoke detectors, benefit everyone, not just children. Moreover, the results of research may be more applicable to other age groups than their authors may realize. From the outset we have received some excellent papers about adults that were hard to reject. Finally, from the perspective of advocacy, it has become increasingly clear that in most countries the child constituency is too small and too weak to influence policymaking the way a more inclusive approach could.

    All things considered, this decision seems a sensible and perhaps somewhat overdue move. I view it as a sign of our maturation and hope most readers will agree. Some changes will be needed in the composition of the editorial board but there will be no lessening in our commitment to continue to produce a scientifically meritorious and informative, yet entertaining publication. The quality of this journal is reflected in the fact that it was accepted by the National Library of Medicine for inclusion in Index Medicus two years after it began publication.

    Although our relationship with ISCAIP will remain unchanged, we would welcome the involvement of another, similar adult oriented or all age international organisation that might serve in the same capacity. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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