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Evaluation of a poison prevention lesson for kindergarten and third grade students
  1. Karen D Liller, Associate Professor
  1. University of South Florida School of Public Health, Department of Community and Family Health, 13201 Bruce B Downs Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33612-3805, USA

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    Editor,—In order to avoid any misunderstanding in the above paper, published last September in the journal,1 my colleagues and I would like to clarify items 14–16 in table 2. This table provides information pertaining to the percentage of third grade students with correct post-test responses. The wording of each of these questions begins with Do you know.....? It might appear to the reader that the students could simply respond with a yes or no answer to the question. However the students had to name different forms of poisons (14), name the ways that poisons can get into the body (15), and tell how to make their homes safer for little brothers, sisters, and friends (16). In other words a yes/no answer was not acceptable. We hope this clears up any confusion with these post-test items.