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Reports from Taiwan
  1. Tsung-Hsueh Lu
  1. Department of Public Health, Chung Shan Medical and Dental College, 23, Section 1, Taichung Kang Road, Taichung, Taiwan 403 (e-mail:

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    Payments for inpatients due to injuries ranked first in national health insurance

    Taiwan is a small island of 36 000 km2 with a total population of 21 million. On 1 March 1995, the Taiwan government inaugurated a universal compulsory national health insurance (NHI) scheme. According to the annual report of the Bureau of NHI, the NHI paid 80 billion US dollars in 1997; 68% of these payments were for ambulatory care and 32% for inpatient care. There were 376 000 ambulatory care claims due to injuries and the payments for these claims totalled …

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