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National Accident Forum for Ireland

Following an initiative from the Office for Health Gain, a National Accident Forum has been established in Ireland, reports Dr Marie Laffoy, writing in the Journal of Health Gain. The forum, which focuses on deaths and injuries to all age groups, has a mission to facilitate a coordinated approach to accident prevention at national and regional level. The spur to its establishment was a report by the chief executive officers of the health boards, which drew attention to the fact that over 40% of childhood deaths result from accidents and that over half a million Irish people require treatment for accidents each year. Marie Laffoy, a public health specialist at the Eastern Health Board, highlights childhood poisoning as an easily preventable injury, noting that Ireland has no regulations for child resistant containers. The Journal of Health Gain is published by the Office of Health Gain, Phoenix Hall, St Mary's Hospital, Dublin 20, Ireland.

Draft national injury strategy for Australia

The National Injury Prevention Advisory Council released a draft national strategy for public comment in the last quarter of 1998. The council, working with very limited resources, had decided on a three part strategy. A “framework” document to put injury in context and to gather together material to make the best possible case for injury prevention; a series of “specific strategies” that will address particular priority issues and will be built up over time—the first strategy will relate to falls; and a “best buys” report that will attempt to bring together information on achievable, cost effective, proved interventions that are immediately available for use. The draft strategy is available from the Injury Prevention Unit of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care,

Canadian national strategy on injury prevention

Injury prevention centres and scientists across Canada have begun work on a national strategy to build research capacity and collaborate on …

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