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Violence in the journal
  1. I B Pless, Editor

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    Several months ago members were asked whether ISCAIP and Injury Prevention should include intentional injuries. Some phrased the question, “Should we have violence in the journal?” My answer was a quick and emphatic “no” because I had visions of the editorial board engaged in sumo wrestling. But it later became clear that what was being asked was whether material dealing with violence had a home in the journal.

    The issue arose again when it was decided that the ISCAIP meeting would be enlivened by a debate on this topic. The question was something along the lines of “Resolved: intentional injuries should be viewed differently from unintentional injuries”. With some reluctance I agreed to speak in favour of the motion but made it clear that in doing so I would try to behave like the witty, provocative debaters whose oratorical skills I envy; skills that permit them to defend any position, including those with which they passionately disagree.

    Accordingly, at the outset, I announced that I did not fully believe in the position I was assigned to defend, and, more importantly, that whatever I said was not the official view of the journal. I reminded …

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