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Angela Mickalide is the Program Director of the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, the first and only nationwide program to prevent unintentional injuries to children aged 14 and under. In this capacity she works to develop, implement, and evaluate injury prevention strategies in several risk areas including bicycle safety, residential fire detection, scald burn prevention, and child passenger safety. The National SAFE KIDS Campaign consists of more than 230 state and local SAFE KIDS coalitions in 50 states, The District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Dr Mickalide graduated summa cum laude from Colby College in Waterville, Maine in 1979. She earned her PhD degree in 1985 at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in public health and psychology. She is an adjunct associate professor in the masters of public health program at George Washington University.

Before joining SAFE KIDS Dr Mickalide worked at the federal Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, US Public Health Service in Washington, DC. She was responsible for coordinating the work of the Preventive Services Task Force whose efforts culminated in the publication of the Guide to Clinical Preventive Services: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of 169 Interventions.

Dr Mickalide has made presentations and published extensively in the injury control, health education, and clinical preventive services areas. In addition to work for Injury Prevention, she has served on the editorial boards of Patient Education and Counselling and Health Education and Behavior. She also reviews articles for several other publications including Health Education Research and Public Health Reports.

Over the past few years Dr Mickalide has received numerous honors and awards including the Early Career Award from the American Public Health Association Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section and the Health Service Commendation for exemplary performance as Staff Coordinator of the US Preventive Services Task Force.

She resides in Kensington, Maryland with her husband Alexander Alikhani and their two “SAFE KIDS”, Anna 6 years and Andrew 4 years.