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Desk cleaning
  1. I B Pless, Editor

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With this, the first issue of volume 4, it seemed a good time to clean my desk. One of the mixed blessings of being an editor is the mail you receive, even though it is not all laudatory. My mail includes reports, journals, and newsletters, and in the past I used some of these to write the News and Notes section. Now that this responsibility lies with Mike Hayes, these reports serve to keep me familiar with what is happening in the field, in the trenches, on the front lines (choose your metaphor...pity they are all military!) Before these reports move from desk to drawers, I always read them, and want now to share some thoughts arising from them.

The growth of injury prevention programs internationally is gratifying, but can also be confusing. It is no longer easy to know who else is “out there”. But we need to know what others are doing so we can learn from them. To help us move in this direction, based on what was on my desk, supplemented by a question I placed on ISCAIPNET, I decided to provide a table listing the major players (see table 1). There is a danger in doing this because inevitably some will be overlooked. I urge organizations that have been neglected to let me know and I will do my best to rectify this.

I had intended to include in this table not only groups that are typically voluntary and community based, but governmental bodies as well. To avoid being swamped with local, state, or provincial organizations of either …

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