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565 Elderly behavior video database for innovative and safe universal design of environments
  1. Yoshifumi Nishida1,
  2. Koji Kitamura2,
  3. Hiroyuki Hagiwara2
  1. 1Tokyo Insititute of Technology, Meguro-ku, Japan
  2. 2National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Koto-ku, Japan


Background The SDGs indicate that a society that fosters resilience to changes in physical and cognitive functions is strongly required. This research developed an elderly behavior video database for understanding how the elderly use consumer products and improving their safety in daily life.

Methods We installed cameras and posture recognition technology (Microsoft’s Kinect) into daily environments such as nursing homes and ordinary homes (N=43, 52 to 104 year-old). Using the recorded images, we developed a video database and video search software and conducted research for improving product safety in cooperation with nine manufacturers.

Results The database consists of 2,243 situation videos. Situation videos include places (cafeteria, living room, kitchen, stairs, gateway, prayer room, etc.) and products (table, chair, sofa, a bed, shelf, laundry appliance, kitchenware, handrail, cane, and home shrine, etc.). We released the developed video library as a Web service ( since 2018 and increased the number of situations every year. Until March 2022, the database was utilized by 80 groups including companies, research institutes, industrial designers, and other practitioners.

Conclusion and Learning Outcomes By combining the insight from the database and additional experiments in cooperation with manufacturers, this study succeeded to obtain findings on the relation between edges of handrail and stability of elderly’s walking, and the effectiveness of a body holding function of a chair and how to improve the function by changing the material and the shape of seating face. We plan to disseminate the database more to the public.

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