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532 Road safety legislative process: lessons from India and Philippines
  1. Evelyn Murphy,
  2. Khayesi Meleckidzedeck,
  3. SLN Sarma Sadhu Sadhu
  1. World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland


Context So far, research has not delved into the processes that shape road safety legislations, knowledge of which is helpful to legislators, policy makers and researchers working on improving road safety. This study examines the process and forces that influence legislation outcomes, based on in-depth case studies of India and the Philippines.

Process The legislative process involves drafting, introduction of bill in legislature, scrutiny, passage, assent and public notification. While the triggering factors for initiation can be problem discernment, political will and window of opportunity, the influencing factors are public demand, public debate across various media, private sector engagement, international obligations etc.

Analysis We have analysed the road safety legislative process and its vicissitudes in the context of the two case studies: ‘The National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board Act, 2010, India’ and ‘The Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act, Philippines’ from initiation to assent to investigate the triggers and influencing factors.

Outcomes Triggers in both cases were the loss of lives, and the influencing factors were international agencies and Supreme Court in India, while it was the advocacy of international and national agencies as well as media in Philippines. We have also observed a wide variation in the duration of the processing time.

Learning Outcomes Identification and deployment of congruous organizations in a strategic road safety legislative action plan helps relatively easier passage of laws. International organizations and media play a positive role in legislative process. Any action plan should cater to sustained effort for longer duration.

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