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522 Awakening the engagement of the communities and local leaders on road safety
  1. Amy Rolloque,
  2. Rhea Eleanor Munsayac,
  3. Atty Camille Alcaraz
  1. Center for Policy Studies and Advocacy on Sustainable Development, Inc., Pasay City, Philippines


Context In the Philippines, 12,690 people died because of road traffic crashes. Every day, 35 died while three (3) are children. Stakeholders worked together to address the problem during the covid-19 pandemic. The young generation is considered the hope of our nation.

Process The Center for Policy Studies and Advocacy on Sustainable Development, Inc or the Policy Center, a new organization composed of the five (5) fellows of the World Health Organization- Bloomberg Initiatives for Global Road Safety tried to reconnect, reinvigorate, and reimagine injury prevention during this pandemic by addressing the situation of our children on the road. We implemented the child road safety program in two cities by involving the local leaders, communities, and politicians through organizing them and advocating through social media.

Analysis San Pedro and Muntinlupa Cities were chosen as partners for the child road safety program because they are prone to road traffic crash as immerging urbanized cities with the increasing number of vehicles and limited knowledge on road safety. Both cities have no identified road safety leaders.

Outcomes The cities developed the Road Safety City Ordinances and Action Plans to address the need of different sectors using the five pillars of road safety with children as the center. A Road Safety module for local leaders was developed. It supports the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021–2030.

Learning Outcomes The covid-19 pandemic teaches us that road traffic crashes will continue to happen and that this can be counter-measured through creative and innovative programs.

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