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518 Web surveillance: motorcycle specification and advertisement 2021–2022
  1. Siriwan Santijiarakul,
  2. Chamaiparn Santikarn,
  3. Nittaya Rojanathinakorn
  1. Freelance researcher, T.Nongkwai, A. Hang Dong, Thailand


Background In2022 motorcycle (MC) is highest proportion on the roads (53%) and 80% of those MC are 110cc. 74–82% of all vehicle deaths on the roads. 76% of the deaths involved with high speed. 44% of MC driver injured felt down without collision.

Aims To compare MC 110–125cc specification, advertisement with other countries in Southeast Asia countries and developed countries. To develop data information of MC safety with MC expert team and recommend to policy maker.

Methods Collected data (text, images and video) of MC specification (cc, wheel, tyre, brake, weight, light, and advertisement between 1Aug2021–30Jan2022 from global internet platforms by manual scraping.

Results 4 biggest MC manufacturing companies cover 96% of MC sale in Thailand. The weigh less 1–5 kg than others. less and smaller lights. Speedometer. highest number (140–160 km/h is as high as a 350cc MC), other countries 90–140 km/h. Digital speedometer holds the number at 199km/h (other countries 0 km/h). Tire width 56–80 mm (other countries 80–90mm). Promote high speed, cool and slim. Most of presenters don’t wear a helmet.

Conclusions Almost all 110cc MC produced in Thailand. Selling approach focused on teenage customer needs. Their selling point is ‘cool, high speed, speed up faster’ In 2022 New MC has been designed with higher number speedometer, lighter weight.

Learning Outcomes 50cc MC is very necessary for the beginner driver. Not only driver behavior and the road condition but also safer MC need to be developed at the same time.

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