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502 Preventing falls among community-dwelling older adults: Developing a national policy framework
  1. Aleksandra Natora1,
  2. Jennie Oxley,
  3. Terry Haines,
  4. Linda Barclay,
  5. Milica Markovic,
  6. Bruce Bolam
  1. Monash University Accident Research Centre, Clayton, Australia
  2. 1Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), Clayton, Victoria, Australia
  3. 2Victorian Department of Health, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  4. 3Monash University, Department of Occupational Therapy, Frankston, Victoria, Australia
  5. 4University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  6. 5Monash University, School of Primary and Allied Health Care and National Centre for Healthy Ageing, Frankston, Victoria, Australia


Aim To develop an evidence-based national policy framework for the prevention of falls among older adults living independently in the community setting using expert consensus.

Background Public health sector policy-makers are required to make decisions about the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policy for falls prevention among older people in the community setting. Guidance for this growing public health issue and complex policy context is currently limited.

Policy process/Method A qualitative modified Delphi study with three-round consensus building was undertaken. Round one: in-depth interviews with 29 public health and falls prevention expert policy-makers and key stakeholders were conducted. Deductive/inductive data analysis identified key themes and statements. Round two: an anonymous online survey was conducted to gain expert votes and consensus on the key themes and statements. Round three: a workshop was conducted to refine consensus on a sub-set of statements. In addition, the expert group was consulted during the refinement, co-design and validation of the new policy framework.

Policy Outcomes/Results An evidence-based and co-designed national policy framework for the prevention of falls among older people living independently in the community setting was developed.

Learning Outcomes The development, implementation and evaluation of falls prevention policy for older adults in community settings is complex and requires careful consideration of multiple factors and interactions between policy-makers and stakeholders. This framework will provide guidance and support for policy-makers to effectively respond to the public health issue of falls among older people using a systems approach.

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