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446 Transforming research evidence for child restraints policy advocacy in Vietnam
  1. Cuong Pham V,
  2. Tran Thi Ngan,
  3. Duong Kim Tuan
  1. Center for Injury Policy and Prevention Research/Hanoi University of Public Health, Hanoi, Viet Nam


Context Although the number of car ownership by young families in Vietnam is increasing, so far Vietnam has not had a legal regulation related to child restraints system (CRS). Small children can even sit in the front seat. An observational study in 2019 found that only 4 out of 10,000 cars had child safety seats, and over 95% of drivers thought that child seats were unnecessary. The new Road Traffic Safety and Order is being developed and will submit to National Assembly meetings in 2022.

Analysis This project aims to support the passage of CRS provisions in the laws through providing scientific evidence, collaborating with relevant stakeholders and policymakers, and implementing communication activities through mass media to create willingness and support from the public

Outcome A series studies were conducted between mid-2021 and early 2022 in main cities of Vietnam including literature review, market survey, parental KAP study, observations of CRS use, and key informant interview with relevant stakeholders. The collected evidences showed the current situation of CRS use, the availability and accessibility of CRS in the market as well as the KAP of parents. The evidence has been used to advocate for policy development by providing evidence to legislators and relevant stakeholders. The scientific evidences also used for social marketing campaigns involved mass medial and targeted social media channels in Vietnam.

Learning Outcomes Developing a new road safety law always requires up-to-date and complete evidences to support the development of laws, ensuring effectiveness in reducing the burden of injury. In addition, the scientific evidences will also help better social marketing strategies and get public support for the law right from the time it is being developed.

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