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444 Nature of past remedial measures: the case of Ghanaian mining industry
  1. Theophilus Joe-asare,
  2. Eric Stemn,
  3. Newton Amegbey
  1. University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana


Background Two processes are required to prevent similar/same events from occurring again whenever an accident occurs; causal factors identification and planning and implementation of remedial measures. Without proper planning and implementation, latent conditions with the system will remain unfixed, and accidents will continue to occur. A preliminary analysis of investigations reports within the Ghanaian Mines reveals that the cases are similar, which raises the question, What is the nature of the remedial measures proposed to address the causes identified?

Methods The study adopts SMARTER from the business studies with the addition of HMW (H- Hierarchical, M- Mapping and W- Weighting of causal factors) to analyse the recommendations from 500 cases obtained from seven gold mines in Ghana.

Results The results showed that most of the recommendations are administrative, focusing on fixing the problem in the immediate affected area or department of the victim(s). The Majority of the recommendations were support activities that only enhance the control’s effectiveness but do not prevent/mitigate the failure. The results also showed that all the mines do not have any system to measure the recommendations’ performance. Only Mine B, C, and E prioritise the recommendations base on their effectiveness in addressing the causes and feasibility.

Conclusion The proposed recommendations were supporting activities that account for the recording of similar/same events.

Learning Outcome The study reveals that causal factors and recommendations are mismatched, therefore the repetition of the event. A model is proposed to ensure effective planning and implementation of remedial measures.

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