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393 An industry guide to reduce life-threatening injuries and death to Infants
  1. Susan Teerds,
  2. Ruth Barker
  1. Kidsafe Qld Inc, Windsor, Australia


Context The safety of products relating to the sleeping of infants has been a cause of concern for many years. While some progress has been made by industry, the public sector and consumer groups in terms of education, standards and regulations for these types of products, a need has emerged for a more comprehensive and evidence-based approach to manage this issue nationally. Part of this emerging need is in recognition that standards and regulations will rarely keep pace with product development. Further, the emergence of many niche products claiming to have health benefits or allude to able to reduce the risk factors associated with SUDI have fallen between the standards and regulatory cracks.

Process In 2019 the ACCC’s Product Safety Operations Group determined and approved the formation of a Working Group to develop an industry code to reduce the risk of injury and death associated with infant sleep and swaddling products with product safety regulators, industry and safe sleeping experts working together towards a common message and developing common standards across a range of products in an infant’s sleep environment. Susan Teerds was invited to chair an inter-sectoral working group to develop practical and effective strategies for a more holistic approach to ensuring only safe products are supplied that are also used safely. The group includes retailers, industry associations, medical and safe sleeping experts, regulators etc from Australia and New Zealand.

Outcome The Guide has been completed and will have its international launch at World Safety 2022.

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