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370 Supporting advocacy for evidence-based road safety policies – GRSP’s Road Safety Grants programme
  1. Econ Taifur Rahman,
  2. Cristina Inclan-Valadez,
  3. Judy Fleiter
  1. Global Road Safety Partnership, Switzerland


Background Robust, evidence-based legislation is critical to improving road safety. Since 2012, the Global Road Safety Partnership has administered the Road Safety Grants Programme, a key activity within the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS). During that decade, the programme has supported successful road safety policy advocacy campaigns designed to protect road users and improve vehicle safety standards through funding the work of over 120 civil society and government grantees in 18 countries. Estimates suggest that legislative improvements that occurred with support of the grants programme will account for 75% of an estimated 311,758 lives to be saved from the overall initiative by 2030 (Hendrie et al 2021). This demonstrates the importance of the significant contributions made by organizations that have received support from GRSP’s Road Safety Grants Programme in their policy advocacy work.

Process Showcasing advocacy successes, this presentation will highlight policy achievements and lessons learnt in supporting in-country advocacy campaigns, including technical assistance needs, effective coalition building and capacity building work.

Outcomes Successes include enactment and implementation of the Land Traffic Law (Cambodia); formulation and implementation of the National Child Helmet Wearing Action Plan (Vietnam); enactment and implementation of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 (India); passage and implementation of the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act 2017 (Philippines); and passage of the General Law of Mobility and Road Safety (Mexico). Effective policy advocacy campaigns promoting passage of evidence-based laws is a critical role for civil society to support governments to address the road trauma burden.

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