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47 Development of a web-based application prototype of nursing record for trauma patients
  1. Chatkhane Peakaw1,
  2. Tawatchai Impool2,
  3. Porntipa Tantibundit2,
  4. Somporn Hongveang2,
  5. Wiphawadee Potisopha1,
  6. Tanakorn Sampaothong2
  1. 1Khon Kaen University Faculty of Nursing, Muang Khon Kaen, Thailand
  2. 2Khon Kaen Hospital, Muang Khon Kaen, Thailand


Background Urgent and emergency nursing interventions could save the trauma patient‘s life. Having an electronic comprehensive nursing record would be beneficial to monitor the quality of nursing care during the digital era.

Objectives This study aimed to (1) develop a web-based application of nursing records for injured patients and (2) examine the feasibility and user satisfaction of the web-based application.

Methods This study was two-phase research and development. Phase 1 included a literature review and analysis conducted by the principal investigator. To obtain necessary information, five trauma nurses were in-depth interviewed, and medical charts were reviewed. Subsequently, the web-based application prototype was successfully developed based on the concept of Advances Trauma Life Support and the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. Phase 2 included the web-based application evaluation of satisfaction and feasibility by registered nurses at the trauma and emergency department of a hospital in Khon Kaen between December 2021 and January 2022.

Results Fifty-nine registered nurses used the web-based application to record nursing documents for 79 injured patients. Their satisfaction was at a high level (X = 3.41, SD = 0.62) and they suggested that this web-based application was feasible to apply in practice (X = 3.81, SD = 0.73).

Conclusion Registered nurses have a high level of satisfaction and agree about the possibility of implementing the web-based application of nursing records for injured patients in the clinical setting.

Learning Outcomes Participants will employ the web-based application of nursing records for injured patients in their departments.

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