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298 Advocacy towards improvement of road safety legal and policy environment in Tanzania
  1. Isabella Nchimbi,
  2. Mary Richard
  1. Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA), Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of


Context This paper examines the developed advocacy work towards improvement of road safety legal and policy environment in Tanzania, its key achievements and lessons. Tanzania, as part of sub-Saharan Africa, contributes significantly to global road crash injuries and deaths. The existing laws regulating road safety and transport industry have not yielded significant results in the effort towards reduction of road crashes.

Process In the spirit of fostering engagement with government to find solutions for social hitches, TAWLA formed a coalition of Civil Society Organizations with the purpose of advocating for in-country improved road safety legal and policy environment. The advocacy campaign included a research to identify suitable solutions fitting the country’s economic position and conduct an institutional and legal analysis, assessing the key law governing road traffic i.e. The Road Traffic Act of 1971 (RTA).

Presented evidences and arguments on the existed gaps around seat belt/child restraint, use of alcohol while driving, speeding, use of helmet and distracted driving, showing the need for comprehensive provisions to ensure effectiveness was received by the relevant Ministry and incorporated in the Bill seeking to amend the RTA.

Outcomes The Bill was tabled for first reading in June 2021, and is yet to be passed. However, the advocacy work around it has raised awareness and created an enabling environment towards reduction of road crashes.

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