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294 FDG Analysis of AD’s anti-bullying efforts: current situation and future recommendations
  1. Alfan Alktebi,
  2. Michale Grivna,
  3. Iffat Elbarazi,
  4. Bayan Abu Hamada
  1. United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Objectives To explore the current situation on bullying in Abu Dhabi using SWOT analysis

Methodology Focus group discussion (FGDs) with representative policymakers and stakeholders were done to explore their experiences and knowledge about the bullying, using strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats model at social and environmental levels. All the data was kept confidential. The audio recorded FGDs were transcribed word by word and were checked repeatedly in order to avoid the biases. Using the inductive and deductive analysis pattern codes were created from transcriptions, then were arranged into categories and finally four themes were generated. All the data analysis was done manually.

Results In thematic analysis of three focus group discussions, four themes were generated at the end of analysis procedure such as 1). Unconquerable Devotion-(Strength), 2). Lack of pre-cooked clout-(Weaknesses), 3). Transition and Change-(Opportunities), 4).Threats to the equilibrium-(Threats).The summary of results using the SWOT analysis tool and social and environmental framework is mentioned in the table 1.

Conclusion Bullying is a considerable problem impacting the whole emirates of Abu Dhabi. By increasing the awareness and perception of bullying as a serious issue, stakeholders should play an influential part in identifying the anti-bullying policies and supporting the immediate interventions against bullying.

  • SWOT analysis
  • social and environmental framework
  • intervention
  • bullying

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