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293 Bridging the gaps in Anti-Bullying interventions from UAE ‘s Policymakers Perspectives
  1. Michale Grivna,
  2. Iffat Elbarazi,
  3. Bayan Abu Hamada,
  4. Alfan Alktebi
  1. United Arab Emirates University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Background National Bullying prevention strategy has been launched in UAE and building capacity to address bullying is evident. Thus, a need for a conceptual framework to understand how the UAE is facing the bullying epidemic is important.

Aim To explore the theory of change used for anti-bullying interventions in the UAE using logic model approach. It will help in guiding anti bullying interventions in the UAE and recommended to policy makers

Methods Twenty-seven qualitative semi-structured virtual interviews were conducted with representative policymakers from national bullying prevention committee based on an inductive method to explore their experience, views, actions, and future plans. The recorded interviews were translated then transcribed verbatim and analysis was conducted using NVivo qualitative analysis software. Using the inductive analysis pattern, codes were created from transcriptions, then they were arranged into categories and finally four themes were generated.

Results In thematic analysis of 27 semi-structured interviews data saturation started from 20th interview. Four themes emerged at the end of analysis procedure, ‘Oh, the Enchanted Garden’, ‘Plumb the Depths’, ‘Challenges being faced’ and ‘The Guiding Path’. Logic model encompassing situation, assumption, and external factor was also generated.

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