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267 Healthcare and economic burden of head, face and neck injuries in Bangladesh
  1. Shagoofa Rakhshanda1,
  2. Minhazul Abedin1,
  3. Farah Naz Rahman1,2,
  4. AKM Fazlur Rahman1,2,
  5. Saidur Rahman Mashreky1,2
  1. 1Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2Bangladesh University of Health Science (BUHS), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Injury in low-and-middle income countries largely contributes to the global burden of disease. Small scale studies in Bangladesh show that injuries in head/face/neck region is a major concern.

Aims This study was designed to determine the magnitude, and healthcare and economic burden of injury in head/face/neck in Bangladesh.

Methods The data is from a nationwide cross-sectional survey, Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS) 2016. There were 299,216 study respondents. The sampling method was multi-stage cluster sampling. Data was collected using a pretested semi-structured questionnaire, through face-to-face interviews at household level.

Results About 16 per 1000 population per year had injury in head/face/neck. Most of these injuries took place in roads and highways (34.1%), and were due to fall and transport injury (27.2% and 26.6%, respectively). About 16.3% of injured people needed hospitalization. The average duration of stay at the hospital was 7.3 (±11.9) days, and average out-of-pocket expenditure by the patients’ families was USD 425 (±2,552). Considering 160,000,000 (16 crore) population of Bangladesh, from these data it is estimated that every year, about 12,80,000 people are injured in the head/face/neck, and over $ 89 million are spent by the families at the hospital for these injuries.

Conclusion Injuries in the head/face/neck is a significant health and economic concern in Bangladesh. A huge amount of out-of-pocket expenditure is associated with injuries in head/face/neck regions, which is quite preventable.

Learning outcomes Interventions and policies targeting road traffic and fall injuries may be a great initiative to prevent injuries in head/face/neck.

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