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262 Road safety efforts in the KSA under the National Transformation Vision 2030
  1. Mooath Aldossari,
  2. Saleh AlDerah,
  3. Nada Almogheer,
  4. Haya Alhammad
  1. General Secretariat of The Ministerial Committee of Traffic Safety, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Background Through the past five years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) made significant progress in road safety, - one of Saudi Vision 2030 prime initiatives-. The Ministerial Committee of Traffic Safety (MCTS) was established to orchestrate governance, collaboration and coordination between seven ministries whom share responsibilities over road safety. Building on global best practices, KSA has achieved success in raising adherence to traffic regulations, improving road safety and public awareness; subsequently, reducing road traffic fatalities from 23 per 100,000 to 13.17 per 100,000. And reducing road traffic injuries from 102 per 100,000 to 72.23 per 100,000.

Objective To exhibit efforts made by the kingdoms responsible entities reference to five pillars of United Nation of the Decade of Action.

Methods A mixed methods approach was used for data collection and analysis. A quantitative data related to road safety were collected and analyzed firstly, and then we used qualitative methods for fatal and serious car crashes.

Results Through these multi-sectoral efforts, the number of road traffic accidents has remarkably reduced by 25% from 2017 to 2021 as well as the number of road traffic fatalities and injuries have decreased by 36% and 21% respectively.

Conclusion Saudi Arabia’s success has been achieved through strong political commitment; multi-sectoral partnerships, strengthening data and research; enhancing safety of roads and vehicles; stronger law enforcement coupled with awareness campaigns; and strengthening post-crash response.

Learning Outcomes Translation of high-level political commitment into meaningful action can result in positive progress towards achieving road safety targets.

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