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206 Cause of road crashes among students in huye and kigali city
  1. Ami Nkumbuye
  1. Vision Zero Youth Council Rwanda, Kigali City, Rwanda


Background Every year 1.3 million of people die due to Road crashes according to Global status report. Road crashes remain the greatest killer aged between 15–29 years. 23,498 students attending class daily from home crossing the roads of 3 districts Kigali and Southern province is showing a similar trend with 40320 cross road daily. As most of them don’t not have any idea about the about the safety they should have

Objective The objective of this study was to identify the causes of road crashes and outcome of victims after being involved in road crashes over period of two years from January 2020 to December 2021 in Huye district and Kigali City.

Methods Retrospective descriptive study with open question then data analysis, students were identified from 15 schools in huye and Kigali City, students asked about cause of road crashes through open and closed question and data analyzed.

Result There were 354 students from 15 schools: 198 males and 156 females. Their age ranged from 10 to 25 years, the commonest cause of road crashes among students attending schools daily were: high speed, lack of education on safety behavior on the road, drink and drive, poor roads infrastructures with 47%, 32%, 13% and 8% respectively. The hospital admission after roads crashes for the victims were 32.3%.

Conclusion This study revealed that high speed and lack of education n road safety are major cause of road crashes among young people in Rwanda. If local Non Governmental Organization and Decision makers work on this issues like never before we can see decrease of road crash among young people.

Learning Outcome we would like to give recommendation to two institution, the first is Rwanda National Police Traffic department to set 30km/m as maximum speed limit in City and near schools. Second is for Ministry of Education to put Road Safety and Post Crash Care curriculum in both Primary and Secondary schools. If we push to make this possible we can achieve target of SDG 3.6 and SDG 11.2 in Rwanda.

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