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186 National burns awareness month
  1. Gretchen Waddell
  1. Kidsafe Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


Context Burns are a major cause of injury for Australians, ranging from the most minor and common of wounds dealt with in the community, to the most severe and devastating of injuries. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns were associated with significant increases in burn injuries requiring admission to burns services in states such as Victoria.

National Burns Awareness Month (NBAM) is an annual campaign run by Kidsafe in collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association. The aim of the campaign is to drive greater awareness amongst the Australian community of burns prevention and the correct first aid treatment for burns across all age cohorts.

Process The NBAM campaign has been modified to prioritise digital engagement with community members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This has included a multifaceted approach through targeted social media campaigns, media, digital and public advertising, development of digital resources such as the Safety Ninja burns safety video, and a Grants Program to support local, grassroots burns awareness activities. The campaign also works closely with burns survivors who share their stories as part of the campaign, to help raise awareness and increase the impact of prevention and first aid messages to the public.

Outcomes & Learnings The campaign has achieved successful results, providing learnings of the importance of continuously reinvigorating and adjusting campaign activities to gain attention and increase awareness.

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