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136 Challenges in providing emergency response during COVID-19 at coastal areas of Bangladesh
  1. Md Kabir Hossen,
  2. Notan Chandra Dutta,
  3. Abu Talab,
  4. Farukh Ahmed,
  5. Aminur Rahman
  1. Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh, Mohakhali, Bangladesh


Background First aid is an emergency response to a victim for injury before the provision of medical treatment to prevent worsening of the victim’s condition. During the COVID-19, first-aider faced challenges to provide the emergency response to the victims.

Aim To explore the challenges to providing an emergency response by community first aid volunteers among the victims.

Method A total of 2842 first-aid volunteers served among 2,81,000 populations under a drowning prevention project. In-depth interviews were conducted with first aid master trainers, first-aid responders, and service recipients, where thematic and content analysis was performed. In addition, injury event data were analyzed for 2-years periods of time, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Result Only 10.3% got an emergency response during COVID-19 compared to prior normal situations. Volunteers followed the proper preventive mechanism of COVID-19 during first-aid service as and when required. In the normal situation from 2018–19 received services by 3283 persons whereas, during the pandemic, only 336 persons received first-aid service. So at least 2947 people did not get an emergency response during the pandemic. 89.7% of those were supposed to receive the emergency response they deteriorated and worsened the injury and increased further damage resulting in more suffering and economic cost.

Conclusion Due to COVID-19, the possibility of life risk becomes high due to emergency response limits. The preventive mechanism works to some extent.

Learning outcomes An adaptive mechanism can be developed to provide service during pandemics.

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