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135 Incidence and economic impact of limb injury: Result from national sample survey
  1. Md Kabir Hossen,
  2. Minhazul Abedin,
  3. Shagoofa Rakhshanda,
  4. Saidur Rahman Mashreky
  1. Centre for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh, Mohakhali, Bangladesh


Background Injuries result in damage to the bones, muscles, and connective tissue, which may impose a large economic burden on the family.

Aim To estimate the magnitude and costs of limb injuries from a large-scale survey in Bangladesh.

Methods: Bangladesh Health and Injury Survey (BHIS) was a large-scale community-based cross-sectional survey. Using a multi-stage cluster sampling, this survey was conducted among 299,216 respondents. Injury incidence, hospital admission costs were analyzed by age group, sex, occupation, and different subgroups of injuries using SPSS.

Results Incidence of limb injury was 4.97% (n=14,875) among the total respondents. Male found a higher incidence of 58.6%(n=8722) of limb injury. The majority of the respondents 63.3%(9416) were from rural communities. In occupation categories, Housewives and students combined contributed about half of the injury incidents. The prevalent injury mechanism was 27.3% of cut injury followed by fall (25.5%) and transport injury (18.3%). Roads and highways found the most common 26.1% (3877) injury place. About 6.0% of victims required hospital admission with a mean hospital stay days of 8.75 (SD=±14.42). In the case of injury severity, 7.0% injury reveal major to severe categories. The average hospital admission cost was 279.23 USD.

Conclusions Limb injury is a significant part of injury morbidities in Bangladesh also a major cause of hospital and economic burden of the family.

Learning Outcomes Male are more vulnerable to limb injury and the major causes of injury are cut, fall, and transport injuries.

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