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20 Effect of speed humps on injuries consequences on highways transversing through towns
  1. Daniel Gyaase1,
  2. Sam Newton1,
  3. Charles Adam1,2,
  4. Yeetey Enuameh1,
  5. Emmanuel Nakua1
  1. 1Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana
  2. 2Regional Transport Research and Education Center Kumasi (TRECK), Kumasi, Ghana


Background In Ghana, speed humps have been employed to calm traffic on highways, but these interventions have not been evaluated using detailed statistical methods to measure their effectiveness on traffic outcomes.

Aim This study examines the effect of speed humps on injuries when crashes occur on trunk roads through towns.

Methods Before and after study with controls design was employed to answer the research question. Nine interventions and six controls sites were selected from three trunk roads. The study used both primary and secondary sources of data. Data collected were summarized using descriptive statistics, frequency tables, means, percentiles and standard deviations. Generalized linear model (GLM) and Mixed-effect model were used to examine the effectiveness of the speed hump on crash outcomes.

Results The mean height, length and spacing of the speed humps were 10.8 cm, 7m and 196.8m, respectively. A total of 365 crashes with 843 casualties were recorded within the study period. The average vehicle speed in towns without speed humps far exceeded the posted speed limit but was lower in towns with speed humps. After installing the speed humps, there was a reduction in crashes at the intervention towns. Fatal/serious/minor injuries were significantly less in towns with speed humps than towns without speed humps.

Conclusion Observed speeds in towns without speed humps were higher than towns with speed humps. Speed humps are an effective road safety measure in reducing crashes and the severity of traffic injuries.

Learning outcomes Speed humps reduce vehicle speed, road traffic crashes and injuries.

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