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93 Road traffic crashes attributed to tractor – trolleys in Pakistan
  1. Yasir Gillani
  1. Punja Emergency Service Department Rescue 1122, Lahore, Pakistan


Background Tractor – Trolley is a common means of logistics and transportation in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Due to local manufacturing and unskilled drivers, tractor trolleys are frequently involved in road crashes across Pakistan. The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue) has been established for professional management of emergencies. This study presents major findings of road crashes attributed to tractor – trolley in Punjab.

Method Data of road crashes attributed to tractor – trolleys attended by Rescue 1122 across 36 districts of Punjab were collected and analyzed.

Findings Rescue 1122 has attended a total number of 28764 tractor – trolley related road crashes across Punjab. Highest number of tractor – trolley related road crashes were reported in major cities of Punjab including: Lahore 3412 (11.86%), Faisalabad 1850(6.43%), Multan 2147 (7.46%), Gujranwala 1547 (5.37%), Sargodha 318 (1.10%), D.G. Khan 339 (1.17%), Bahawalpur 1128 (3.92%), R.Y. Khan 248 (0.86%), Sahiwal492 (1.71%), Sialkot 1819 (6.32%) and Rawaplindi 35 (0.64%).

Conclusions Tractor – trolleys are involved in large number of road crashes and associated morbidity and mortality in Punjab. Being an informal urban vehicles mostly these crashes and associated trauma are overlooked by the media and relevant government agencies. To reduce the burden of Tractor – trolley related road crashes; government should regulate the operation of tractor – trolley in Pakistan.

  • Tractor Trolley
  • Rescue 1122
  • Road Traffic Crashes

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