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163 Car crash factors among adolescent and young adults in middle eastern countries
  1. Makiah Shebaili,
  2. Hilaire Thompson
  1. University of Washington, Seattle, USA


Statement of Purpose The purpose of this study was to identify risk factors contributing to car crashes among male adolescent and young adult drivers in Middle Eastern countries. Adolescent and young adult males are more likely to be involved in RTC as the driver making them a particularly vulnerable population.

Methods/Approach This study used a scoping review approach and followed Arksey and O’Malley’s framework. Articles were identified through searching three databases including PubMed, CINAHL, and Embase for studies published in English from January 2011 to April 2021. This review followed PRISMA guidelines and articles were appraised by using Joanna Briggs Institute criteria.

Results Of the 284 articles identified, 9 articles met the inclusion criteria with one additional article identified from reference lists of the included articles. The design of all 9 studies was cross sectional. The majority of the studies focused on motor vehicle crashes related to driver behaviors. These studies found behaviors such as driver traffic violations, mobile phone use, sleepiness, driving experience, and alcohol use to be factors significantly associated with motor vehicle crashes among adolescents and young male adult drivers. Lastly, some factors attributed as aggravating motor vehicle crashes and contributing to injuries among young male drivers were speeding and sleeping.

Conclusions Middle Eastern adolescents and young male drivers are at a higher risk for road traffic crashes and related injuries. This review provided insight into the risk factors that contribute to motor vehicle crashes in this underrepresented group.

Significance Future studies need to be longitudinal in design to crash risk factors and draw strong causal conclusions. It will be important to include objective measures of exposures and outcomes to assist in identifying reliable factors that can inform the design of targeted interventions to reduce car crashes and injuries among adolescent and young Middle Eastern males.

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