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147 An analysis of global road traffic injury data sources: Proposing variables to account for the commercial determinants of health
  1. Abdullah Tauqeer,
  2. Nino Paichadze
  1. The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA


Statement of Purpose The role of private industries in the pandemic of road traffic injuries (RTIs) is understudied. This project aimed to propose variables which account for the prominent influence of the motor vehicle and alcohol industries in road safety to be included in global road safety analyses and data sources.

Methods/Approach The ‘commercial determinants of health’ (CDoH) framework refers to strategies and approaches used by the private sector to promote products and choices that are detrimental to health. Marketing, lobbying, supply chains, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are the primary channels through which corporate influence is exerted. A literature review was conducted to identify evidence of these pathways influencing road safety. Global road safety data sources were reviewed to summarize existing variables which can be used to account for the influence of CDoH.

Results Based on the evidence retrieved from the literature and existing data sources, we propose 15 new variables to better understand the role of motor vehicle and alcohol industry activities in driving road safety outcomes. The variables listed may be applied at any level of governance (city, provincial, national, etc.) and then aggregated onto the global level.

Conclusion Existing global road safety data sources fail to account for the commercial determinants of road safety. The evidence highlighting the role of motor vehicle and alcohol industry activities in shaping road safety is overwhelming and calls for attempts to mitigate these influences. The inclusion of such variables can enable a greater understanding of how the motor vehicle and alcohol industries influence road safety.

Significance Novel strategies are needed to address the growing burden of RTIs and other injuries. The CDoH framework used in this project offers an innovative approach which may be applied to address other injuries across the lifespan.

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