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Welcome to the science from the 2021 conference of the Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR).

The theme of this year’s conference, Injury and Violence Prevention for a Changing World: From Local to Global, reflects our desire to celebrate the many diverse contributions to our field that are happening in communities around the world and to acknowledge the many ways in which our injury and violence challenges are similar. Our conference also has a sub-theme this year. “Colonialism, Equity and the Restructuring of Society: Implications for Injury and Violence Prevention” reflects the need to acknowledge in our work the impact of colonialism and racism on the societal structures that affect the nature and extent of injury burdens for communities, and the options for and effectiveness of interventions to reduce those burdens. By understanding how our histories shape and explain the challenges we face and addressing the impact of racism on injury and violence we can imagine more rapid, more meaningful progress from our field. It is our hope that this conference will be a forum for some of the conversation and thinking that needs to continue in our field. We invite you to more fully commit to a full embrace of anti-racism with your partners and in your work, and help our field evolve toward a future in which injury prevention works for everyone.

SAVIR 2021 is filled with scientific advancement and learning opportunities that we hope will bring new ideas to your work and inspire new ways of addressing the challenges we face. Our colleagues selected to lead our scientific sessions will share content on the range of injury issues that continue to plague our communities, and offer innovative intervention solutions. We’re pleased to offer this year a series of Learning Labs offered by visionaries in our field who will share tools and strategies that you can take home and use to expand and increase the impact of your work. We also invite you to take advantage of the many social events and networking opportunities throughout the conference. Our impact on injuries and violence is multiplied when we are working together, across communities, borders, and oceans. Toward that end, we are pleased to highlight the SAVIR partnership with the Virtual Pre-Conference Global Injury Prevention Showcase.

We are grateful to the many people who contributed their time, energy and intellect to making this conference happen. Throughout this process we have been inspired and humbled by the commitment of many to our field.

Finally, when we were given the opportunity to host this conference we thought about the many ways that we could welcome the global injury community to Baltimore. We aren’t able to gather in Baltimore, but our conference includes many insights into the neighborhoods, people, and sites that make our City special. Please take advantage of the opportunities throughout the conference to get to know our City. One day soon, when it is safe, we hope to see you in person and look forward to sharing some of our favorite Baltimore traditions with you.

Thank you for joining us for SAVIR 2021!

Abdulgafoor Bachani

Director, Johns Hopkins International Research Unit

Shannon Frattaroli

Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury

Research & Policy