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0039 Do mothers with healthier lifestyles maintain safer home environment for their toddlers?
  1. DR Shapira,
  2. Y Zisk Rony,
  3. S Shimony Kanat
  1. Hadassah Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel


Statement of purpose The home is a primary setting for toddlers’ injuries. Home safety and characteristics of a family’s daily life have scarcely been studied. This study aimed to examine the association between a safe home environment for toddlers and the variables in their mothers’ daily healthy lifestyle.

Methods/Approach This was a cross-sectional study, during 2019 in Israel. Mothers of toddlers aged 1–4 years old (n=100) completed a questionnaire, including a safe home checklist (BETEREM), a healthy lifestyle questionnaire (HLPCQ), and socio-demographic information. Questionnaires were collected through two community mother-child enrichment centers.

Results Mothers reported having a moderately safe home environment and low daily health habits (mean 58.9, 34.1 respectively on 0–100 scale). Mothers with higher safe home environment score reported less child injuries at home (p<0.01); additionally, mothers with higher healthy lifestyle score reported less child injuries at home (p<0.01). Safe home environment score is positively associated with mothers’ daily healthy lifestyle score (r=0.791, p<0.01). A hierarchical regression demonstrated that of the five HLPCQ scales, mental balance predicted 79% of home safety; moreover, a mother’s religious definition predicted 7% (p< 0.05).

Conclusion Home safety is associated with mothers’ daily healthy lifestyle. To promote child home safety there is a need to further study differences in parents’ and in families’ daily healthy lifestyle in diverse populations.

Significance Home safety interventions for parents of toddlers need to be embedded with general daily healthy lifestyle and health promotion initiatives (sleep, stress management, diet etc.).

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