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0084 Pediatric head injuries treated in children’s emergency department from Chisinau
  1. A Cazacu-Stratu1,
  2. S Cociu1,
  3. S Cebanu1,
  4. A Holostenco2
  1. 1Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova
  2. 2Municipal Children’s Hospital ‘Valentin Ignatenco’, Chisinau, The Republic Of Moldova


Statement of purpose The purpose of this study was to explore the particularities of TBI among children in the Republic of Moldova.

Methods/Approach A prospective study was conducted among children patients with TBI at the Republican Municipal Children’s Hospital ‘Valentin Ignatenco’. We used data from the pilot TBI registry, from March, 1 – August 31, 2019. Data were uploaded using an electronic data collection tool - Red Cap and analyzed through Microsoft Excel, Epi Info 7. Data collection was performed by resident neurosurgery and a scientific researcher. The ethics committee’s approval was obtained.

Results There have been identified 167 cases of TBI in children aged between 0–17 years old, of which 109 (65,3%) male and 58 (34,7%) female; most cases being in the age group 0–6 years old 59 (35,3%), followed by a group of 10–14 years old 48 (28,7%). Mostly, the injury appears in urban area 161(96,4%). The major cause- falling 97(63,6%) and the most affected group- 0–6 years old 44 (26,3%). In the second place, there were road accidents 50 (16,4%) with the most cases in the age group of 10–14 years old 16 (9,6%), followed by assault/violence 19 (18,7%). Most injuries occurred at home 45 (26,9%), followed by transport area 41 (24,6%), school education area 24 (14,4%). Most cases registered in March 35 (21%), followed by June and August with 29 (17,4%), between 10.00- 18.00 (65,3%), 20.00–22.00 (16,2%).

Conclusion Data shows the most vulnerable age group, 0–6 years old, and 10–14 years old. The main mechanisms of TBI are falls and road accidents. The results of the study impose to develop prevention measurements for this target group.

Significance The main results obtained in the research will be included in the implementation of prevention actions and to development of specific activities for children.

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