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0071 Head injuries as result of road accidents among population
  1. S Cociu
  1. ‘Nicolae Testemitanu’ State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, the Republic Of Moldova


Statement of purpose The purpose of this study was to assess the burden of road accidents having as a consequence traumatic brain injury in relationship with demographic characteristics and provide appropriate suggestions for its prevention.

Methods/Approach A prospective study was performed from March, 1 to August 31, 2019. It used the data from the TBI Registry completed for 368 patients (201 adults, 167 children) with a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury reported at the Emergency Departments within 2 republican hospitals. The Redcap electronic tool was used to upload the data and Epi Info 7 for data analyzes. The ethics committee’s approval has been obtained.

Results There have been 113 (30,7%) cases of TBI which reported traffic-related mechanisms; aged between 0–79 years old, of which 71,7% were male and 28,3% female. In 90,5% accidents occurred in the urban area and reached the hospital by ambulance in 97,3%. Most cases were among children (44,2%), followed by the age group of 30–49 years old (18, 6%). All cases were unintentionally and 2,7% as a work-related injury. In 78,8% of cases, accidents take place in the transport area (public highway, street, or road), mostly among children (35,4%). Most cases were in June (20,4%), between 2pm-6pm (29,2%) and peak hours of addressed for medical help being 2pm-4pm (16,8%). There have been 43,4% pedestrian, 36,3% passenger car, 11,5% pedal cycling, 7,1% motorcycle, 1,8% public transport; as drivers only 23,9%.

Conclusion The result underlines the main affected age group, place, and role of the persons involved in road accidents, which will be useful resources for conducting information campaigns among the high-risk groups.

Significance The obtained data will be included in the implementation of comprehensive measures in road trauma prevention and to develop information- education campaigns on road safety.

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