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P5.008 Safety aspects of E-bikes
  1. Ma (fh) Ernestine Mayer,
  2. Klaus Robatsch
  1. Austrian Road Safety Board, Vienna, Austria


Background E-bikes have become a popular means of transport in everyday and leisure traffic, especially for older people. Figures show a rapid increase in the number of e-bikes on the market: In 2018 more than 150.000 e-bikes were sold in Austria, which means a total market share of 33% of all bikes sold (2016: 22%).

E-bikes are above all a good alternative for motor vehicles in city traffic.

The KFV (Austrian Road Safety Board) is currently dealing with questions about the safety of e-bikes.

Methods In our studies the following methods were applied:

  1. analysis of existing accident data on e–bikes (statistical data, media analysis)

  2. on–site observations (e.g. helmet wearing quota for cyclists, collection of speed differences of selected bike types, …)

  3. questionnaire survey among 101 e–bike users concerning the comfort and safety of different bike types

  4. survey on the subjective safety of e–bike users and e–bike non–users

Results Results showed among others that…

  1. … in 2018 1.025 injured and 17 killed e–bike cyclists showed up in statistics

  2. … helmet wearing rate of e–bike cyclists was 44% (compared to 25% of conventional bikes)

  3. … the average speed of pedelecs was 21.4 km/h (compared to 18 km/h of conventional bikes)

  4. … pedelec drivers feel safer and more comfortable than conventional cyclists

Conclusion Based on the results, tips for safe driving with e-bikes were drawn up and measures and recommendations for action to increase the safety of e-bike users were derived.

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