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P5.007 Road safety active education methods in the opinion of young road users
  1. Dagmara Jankowska-Karpa,
  2. Justyna Wacowska-Slezak,
  3. Aneta Wnuk
  1. Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw, Poland


Background Contemporary educational needs require searching for and using more effective and attractive solutions to reach young road users, an example of which is active education AE.

Process Traditional learning methods are based on teacher as a source of knowledge. In AE teacher is the coordinator of students’ work, activates them and acts as an advisor or observer. We have conducted projects and studies using road safety AE (e.g. workshops, demonstrations, problem solving) addressed to youth: Young Explorer University/YEU, Road Safety Education Centre/RSEC, European Road Safety Tunes/ERST, Knights for Road Safety/KROS. During classes youth is motivated to act by being encouraged, inspired, enabled to participate, which contribute to a sense of success, joy of effort, showing abilities, gaining recognition, and enabling to reflect on own and others’ behaviour.

Analysis Our educational goal is among others to create among students a sense of independence and responsibility for themselves and others. The results of qualitative and quantitative studies show that such classes, in the opinion of youth are more attractive and effective than traditional, e.g. overall grade of class: very good and good: YEU (89%), RSEC (81%), ERST (89%).

Outcomes AE will not cure all road safety problems of youth. However it is important to effectively transfer knowledge, teach skills and attitudes, but also to make the classes more attractive for students.

Learning Outcomes Pedagogy is a dynamic discipline with various methods as AE. It requires teachers to constantly adapt to new needs and expectations as well as to undergo professional development.

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