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P5.003 Behaviour of young road users in context of school road safety education
  1. Aneta Wnuk
  1. Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw, Poland


Background In Poland road safety education RSE is included in school curriculum. In 2018–2019 in Masovia province an observation study of students in the vicinity of primary schools was conducted, where children feel safe and comfortable.

Methods The study was carried out in 14 locations with different engineering solutions. The study was conducted in the morning. A dedicated app was used. Six types of children’s behaviour were analysed: walking/riding along the road, crossing/riding across the road, using public/private transport. The data included many other variables and was analysed using a statistical description of the occurrence of frequencies. The basis for the percentage was not children but observations of their behaviour, in total 3380 children’s behaviours were analysed.

Results The main issues that should be considered in RSE in Poland as indicated by the study include: as a pedestrian not looking around (62%) and not stopping (51%) before crossing the road, talking to others when crossing (20%); as a cyclist – riding a bike on zebra (54%), not signalling manoeuvres (98%), not wearing helmets (89%); as a passenger – getting off directly onto the street (13%) or obstacle (20%).

Conclusion RSE is a multi-disciplinary issue. The presented results show that we should think more about the way of implementing RSE and search for new solutions because the current ones are not effective enough.

Learning Outcomes A success of RSE depends on the cooperation of many communities (parents, schools, police etc.), equal approach to this issue and combination of actions.

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