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P4.016 Experience using REDCap in injury prevention research, Nepal
  1. Sumiksha Bhatta,
  2. Prerita Joshi,
  3. Elisha Joshi,
  4. Sunil Kumar Joshi
  1. Nepal Injury Research Centre (NIRC), Kathmandu Medical College Public Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal


Context Nepal Injury Research Centre (NIRC) is dedicated to injury-related studies in Nepal. One of the key objectives of NIRC is to conduct standardized research additional to building the capacity of local researchers in adopting a robust Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system.

Process A NIRC data manager was appointed and trained by a REDCap expert from the University of Bristol, UK who then supported implementation of the system. Local data collectors were trained to use the REDCap mobile application allowing them to collect data offline and synchronize the collected data to the server when a good internet connection was available. We surveyed 24 data collectors involved in NIRC studies to gather their feedback.

Analysis Data collectors were largely positive regarding REDCap as a tool in comparison with other methods and reported the interface to be user-friendly. Data collected could be monitored remotely which helped in maintaining data quality and preparing data for analysis. It allowed sharing of data collection tools within different projects, reducing duplication of effort. However, the main reported challenge was adapting to the periodic updates in the REDCap system.

Outcomes REDCap was used successfully to capture data electronically across five studies. The few issues encountered were mitigated using available system functionalities. An in-country server was established, with potential for NIRC to offer EDC services to other researchers in Nepal.

Learning Outcomes Using collaborative approach to reflect on opportunities and challenges of using EDC is crucial to strengthen and expand local ownership of research tools and data.

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