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P4.015 Community prevention of problematic consumption ‘Feel good, enjoy without excesses’
  1. Nadia Rivera Leinecker
  1. Faculty of humanities and social sciences. Jujuy National University, El carmen, argentina


In Jujuy province, alcohol consumption and acute poisoning are related to massive recreational events. Reducing risks and damage in this context is important.

The ‘FEEL GOOD, ENJOY WITHOUT EXCESSES’ program is a public policy which implements preventive actions articulated with other government departments and society. This program develops processes of care and protection inside recreation spaces, based on two lines: 1) Establish guidelines for responsible consumption and self-care. 2) Reduce risks and damage in nighttime contexts.

Strategy: Environmental prevention, advertising of care guidelines, staff training to detect risk; dissemination of protocol of poisoning or health emergency and creation of the health police.


  • Advertising of care and prevention guidelines.

  • Presence of preventive agents for early risk detection.

  • Stuff training (bartenders, cleaners, etc).

  • Hydration and recovery friendly spaces creation.

  • Activation of protocol in intoxication or emergency situations.

  • Integrity and security protection in charge of the health police.

Results Applied in massive events between the years 2017 and 2019: Carnival (60 hours and 125,000 people) and Student Parties (84 hours and 235,000 people) it was observed:

30% increase in space´s use.

23% increase in people at risk recruitment.

20% reduction hospital´s admissions.

17% decrease in police arrests.

Conclusion The program had excellent acceptance and replication in different areas, generating attitudinal change in security agents from repressive to supportive. It made visible the excessive alcohol consumption. Contributed to the zero alcohol penalty (2019).

Applying environmental strategies in recreational settings was shown to reduce the negative effects of alcohol consumption and sensitize the population.

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