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P4.013 Empowering the next generation of safety ambassadors – national safety science Campaign
  1. Naina Urs,
  2. Lakshmi Nair
  1. Underwriters Laboratories, Bengaluru, India


Context Aligned to SDG 4.7, the National Safety Science Campaign(NSSC) by Underwriters Laboratories in India aims to create a culture of safety in young minds and empower India’s next generation of safety ambassadors.

Core initiatives

  1. National Safety Science Quiz for grades 8 to 10 is aimed at imparting safety science knowledge

  2. Poster Contest for grades 4 to 7 gives a platform to creatively unleash their thoughts on safety

  3. Safety Impact films for ages 16 to 25 brings highlights the brilliant safety innovations being built by young students

  4. Safer Schools Safer India is for primary level to help them learn about fire safety by following the story of our in–house comic character ‘Bittoo’.

  5. Safety clubs for middle schools is based on experiential learning for students to understand the science behind safety.

Outcomes Reached close to 57 million people across the country through this campaign.

Over 77,000 children from 2000 schools registered for the competitions in 2019. Safety Impact Films, piloted in 2019, garnered over 200 entries of which the top 5 innovations were chosen. Safety club program, piloted in 2019, saw a participation of 20 schools including 135 teachers and over 2000 students. With the Safer Schools Safer India program we trained 467 teachers and through them reached out to 26,879 students.


  • Need to influence the key stakeholders for safer school ecosystem, build awareness and promote the concept among children

  • A combination of art and science to integrate safety into the curriculum.

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