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1F.003 Innovative fire safety partnerships
  1. Kelly Keena
  1. Underwriters Laboratories, Littleton, USA


Background In April, 2018, one of the UL Xplorlabs modules, Fire Forensics was adopted as a key resource in Cobb County, Georgia middle schools. UL Education and Outreach led a one-day workshop for middle-school teachers and fire fighters. Since then, we’ve led five workshops including teachers from twenty-five middle schools and seventy-five fire fighters and investigators. After the workshops, teachers lead the module with their students and the trained fire service personnel come into the classroom on lab days when students have open flames and on the days that the students solve the fire case in the module.

Methods We are currently conducting a mixed-methods research to understand the program outcomes for the students, teachers, and fire service. Data collection includes surveys and long narrative interviews of a random sample of participants. The goal of this study is to understand the outcomes for teachers, students, and the fire service after the workshops as this is becoming a model for working in fire safety education.

Results/Conclusions As of the submission deadline, the results and conclusions are not yet defined.

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