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8C.008 Actively engaging academics through an OHS hazard profiling exercise: lessons learned
  1. Brendan Henderson,
  2. Ryan Pane
  1. Deakin University, Burwood, Australia


Context In 2019, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) staff within the Faculty of Health performed a hazard mapping exercise as a means to greater understand the current OHS risk profile of our teaching operations.

Process Fifteen hazard profiles were performed across five schools within the Faculty of Health. The use of a specifically designed OHS hazard mapping toolkit provided a consultative framework to openly discuss with staff current practices and concerns relative to OHS and teaching program quality.

Analysis A qualitative analysis of the hazards and considerations required to manage student hazards and risks aligned to teaching and research activities was performed though discussion held. Action plans from the common themes identified were implemented with shared responsibility between professional OHS and teaching program staff.

Outcomes The hazard mapping toolkit enabled a consultative and stepped approach to encourage open discussion, and aid greater understanding of the OHS responsibilities relative to a teaching program domain.

Learning Outcomes Undertaking an OHS risk management approach with academic staff was a positively received experience that provided an opportunity to greater understand teaching program hazards. A consultative approach aided the education of teaching staff around their OHS roles and responsibilities, inclusive of applying a reasonably practicable approach to risk mitigation from identified hazards. Finally, the toolkit saw transferability so that a quality teaching program lens was able to be applied throughout discussions and action plan implementation.

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