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8C.004 Laboratory signage, is there a clutter issue?
  1. Maria Somodevilla Torres
  1. The University of Queesnland, Brisbane, Australia


Work areas such as research laboratories expose workers to a variety of hazards with different risk levels. Providing adequate safety in these environments is an extremely complicated exercise that can only be achieved with adequate training as well as effective visual signage. In work places like The Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, where each area is subjected to stringent government regulations on top of the inherent risks posed by the existing chemicals and instrumentation, there is a risk of over-accumulation of signage with the net result of overloading the senses of users. My Masters’ literature review research project identified a number of ideal features to facilitate noticeability, visibility and comprehension of signs and it is therefore crucial to abide by best practice. Signage at my institute was collected and classified according to published and revised criteria. The analysis highlighted issues with clutter display. Effective design and placement of signage needs to be undertaken using a multidisciplinary approach incorporating social psychology, communication studies and the visual creative sciences, as well as taking into consideration cultural differences among the intended audience.

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