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8B.005 Assessment of existing passive surveillance system for drowning prevention in Coastal Bangladesh
  1. Saha Ashim Saha,
  2. Dutta Notan Chandra,
  3. Aminur Rahman,
  4. Fazlur Rahman
  1. Centre For Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh (ciprb), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Some water bodies of Barishal become the cause of drowning point, which is a major killer where death occurs up to 19,500 each year. Among them, 14,500 are children (0–17 years). Barishal has the highest rate of drowning mortality, which is nine deaths per day.

Methods In spite of huge number of fatal drowning was public health threat, it often goes unregistered in government MIS system. Passive drowning surveillance system is to develop a data generation system within government setting to obtain number of fatal drowning in the intervention sites.

Results Passive drowning surveillance system has slightly developed based on local government death registration system exist at the union level. The key findings of Union Council register book in Kolapara, Taltoli and Betagi areas, it has found only 17 drowning death case registered partially. The CIPRB staffs have collected 41 drowning death information’s from the local communities during 2017 to 2019. The Union council Secretary & Information officer does not usually record any death case on register book regularly. So unrecorded death notification has hampered on the track of actual drowning status in Barishal regions.

Conclusion Due to lack of fulfil effectiveness, drowning death information was received partially from the death register book of the Union councils. However, the community level information showed discrepancy in both number of deaths information.

Learning Outcomes The Government should have a mechanism about actual magnitude of the drowning death; there would be strengthen passive surveillance system to reduce drowning situation in Barishal areas.

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