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8B.004 Reducing drowning mortality and morbidity through School awareness program in rural Bangladesh
  1. Saha Ashim Saha,
  2. Dutta Notan Chandra,
  3. Naym Uddin,
  4. Aminur Rahman,
  5. Fazlur Rahman
  1. Centre For Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh (ciprb), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Context Drowning is a leading cause of death globally. Fatal drowning among children is more than adult. To reduce drowning morbidity and mortality among school aged children awareness program is implemented where increasing water safety knowledge among them.

Process Water related safety messages sessions were conducted in classrooms by a School Educator from grade I to VIII with support of Coordinator. He monitored the sessions and analyzed monitoring data. A total 266 schools were covered from 2018 to 2019 in three sub-districts of Barishal Division.

Analysis Coordinator has organized 97% pretest amongst students. 45% Boys & 55% Girls were participated in the pretest session. The Educator has showed water safety messages flipchart in 95% sessions. About 95% students were engaged in feedback session which was interactive. The Educator has provided hands-on training in 98% times through the students on demonstration session. The approach of Educator was equal to the students during session delivery. At 95% times, the session delivery speech was understandable. The School Educator operated the session functionally in 97% sessions and he wore with unique uniform in 98% times while conducting school session for awareness of the students.

Outcomes The interactive sessions were conducted for the students where briefing water safety messages of drowning prevention. The students have encouraged for disseminating the water safety information amongst the communities.

Learning Outcomes If the students work individually in local communities for disseminating the water safety information, it will play a pivotal role for increasing mass awareness of the whole community.

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